12 avril 2007

Hometown Baghdad - "Brains on Campus"

Hometown Baghdad - "Brains on Campus"
Vidéo envoyée par chattheplanet
IDans cet episode de Hometown Baghdad, Adel se rend sur son campus et se rappelle de moments difficiles.

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Commentaires sur Hometown Baghdad - "Brains on Campus"

  • Hey...how come you're writing in english?
    might upset some of your readers )
    i think these guies are just amazing...(and sorry for being shallow but they happen to be cute too...

    Posté par awa, 13 avril 2007 à 00:38 | | Répondre
  • You're right, I changed it.
    By the way, I think they know they're cute, especially the one who wants to be a rock singer...But they're not like chicks because they're doing something brave with those videos, I think.

    Posté par Alex, 13 avril 2007 à 17:26 | | Répondre
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